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Orlistat uk is one of the medications for the medical treatment of obesity. The drug has no on system effect, therefore, as safe as possible. It acts only within the intestines, blocking the absorption of fat from products. Caloric intake at the same time decreases automatically. Eating too much fat while taking Orlistat leads to an active release of fat along with feces, so patients are advised to follow a diet for the duration of treatment.

Active Ingredient: Orlistat

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The first thing to know is that Orlistat, Xenical, and Alli contain the same active ingredient, orlistat. This means that they all work the same way.

Orlistat prevents the digestion of certain fats that you consume. This is achieved by attaching the drug to the enzymes in your digestive system that break down fat, making it difficult for them to work properly. As a result, fat that cannot be digested is removed from your body. This will help you lose weight.

Although all three drugs work in this way, there are some key differences between them.

What is Orlistat used for?

Obesity is called one of the most serious problems of modern medicine. According to 2018, 1.5 billion people are overweight, 500 million of them are obese. These numbers are growing every year, the steady increase in the weight of mankind has become an epidemic. Doctors call unhealthy unbalanced nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle the main cause of overweight. The role of hereditary factors is much less than is commonly believed. Most patients underestimate the calorie content of their diet and overestimate the level of activity. And only a few of them are willing to admit that obesity is a chronic disease that requires self-control throughout life.

The strategy of treating obesity involves gradually correcting the patient’s eating habits, eliminating the connection between mood and eating, and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. As a rule, endocrinologists call their initial goal a 10% weight loss in the first six months. Even 5-10 pounds dropped significantly affect the health of losing weight. According to statistics, mortality is reduced by an average of 20%, in patients with diabetes — by as much as 44%.

Drug treatment may be prescribed as support for some patients. The main requirement for drugs used in obesity is the absence of a negative effect on the cardiovascular system. Of the drugs, only Orlistat uk is the safest from this point of view.

How does orlistat work?

Orlistat UK is called the fat blocker. Its effect is to inhibit lipases — enzymes that break down fat from food. The mechanism of action is described in detail in the instructions: the active substance of the drug is bound in the gastrointestinal tract with lipases, after which they lose the ability to break down triglycerides into monoglycerides and fatty acids. In an undigested form, triglycerides cannot be absorbed, therefore they are removed together with feces in 1-2 days. Orlistat has no effect on other GIT enzymes.

The drug can reduce the absorption of fat by about 30%. Fats are the most high-calorie of nutrients, in 1 g of fat — more than 9 kcal (for comparison, in proteins and carbohydrates — about 4). Their loss leads to a significant reduction in caloric intake and, as a result, in losing weight.

Orlistat acts only in the small intestine and stomach. Not more than 1% of the drug is absorbed into the blood. In such a low concentration, it has no significant effect on the organism as a whole. Orlistat has no toxic or carcinogenic effects. It does not interact with most of the drugs prescribed for hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. Orlistat does not have a negative effect on the intestines. According to the instructions, after the last administration of the drug, lipase is restored in full within 72 hours.

In addition to the direct therapeutic effect, Orlistat makes slimming people more disciplined about the prescribed diet. Patients have to constantly monitor the consumption of fat, as when eating 70 or more grams of fat per day or food with more than 20% fat after using the drug, digestive disorders occur: flatulence, frequent urge to defecate, difficulties with stool feces, diarrhea.

How to get best results from orlistat?

The standard regimen of taking Orlistat is thrice daily for 120 mg. The drug must be drunk within 1 hour from the time of the meal. If the food is skipped or there is practically no fat in it, the instruction recommends skipping the next capsule, the effectiveness of losing weight will not decrease due to this.

Orlistat UK is the only drug for obesity that can be taken for a long time, studies have confirmed the safety of 4-year intake without interruption. It is possible and course medication to prevent re-obesity in patients who have already lost weight.

Orlistat weight loss

Most people are faced with the problem of obesity for a reason. Inconsistency in eating, regular overeating for decades leads to repulsive appearance and health problems.

Orlistat embodied the dream of all fat people: you can eat anything and not recover. After all, when taking a capsule, calories from fat are simply not absorbed. From the outside, such an effect of the drug seems like magic.

In fact, everything is not so simple — Orlistat has many side effects and there is anything that will not work even with its reception. Although at first the extra kilos will really begin to actively leave their owner.

Orlistat side effects

The drug for weight loss «Orlistat» does not lead to tangible side effects, while respecting the recommended dosage.

At higher doses, the following problems may occur:

  • Spontaneous release of undigested fat from the anus.
  • Violation of intestinal motility.
  • The rectum often loses its elasticity due to neglect of recommendations for taking the medication.
  • Flatulence as a result of lipid metabolism and deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins balanced by the preparation.