To tighten the stomach at home quickly. The best exercises for the press

To tighten the stomach at home quickly (exercises) — possibly subject to the basic rules. The key to successful training is the exact observance of recommendations, slow pace and consistency of physical actions.

Start training the body should be after muscle warming up (jumping rope, running, gymnastics). During the performance of the power complex abdominal abdominal muscles should be involved in the work and always be in a tense state.

Note! Sensations of burning in the muscles should be regarded as a sign of technically correct exercise.

Each movement must be accompanied by sports breathing, where you exhale before the effort, and inhale while relaxing.

The sequence of pumping muscles determines the effectiveness of gymnastics. First, pay attention to the upper abdominal, then the lateral (oblique) muscles and complete the load on the lower press. Effective training includes several cycles with a gradual increase in pace and increase in load.

Exercises for tightening the upper press

It is important to know! Warm up should precede the start of complex exercises. In order to quickly tighten the abdomen at home, without causing yourself harm, you should begin to perform effective exercises after the basic warm-up.

Good practice for this part of the press will be the following:

  • lie on your back;
  • remove your hands under the head or cross your chest;
  • press to enter the tone;
  • follow the breath;
  • lift and lower both legs without touching the floor surface.

This power complex can be modified if the legs are fixed on a hill. While exhaling, you should raise the body as high as possible, then taking a breath, lower it to the mark 0. The cycle should be 25-30 movements of 3 sets each. It is recommended to bend the legs, ensuring the waist is pressed to the floor.

More difficult is the exercise:

  • position — lying down;
  • legs bent at the knee joints;
  • feet, lumbar zone are on the floor;
  • the rise of the body with alternately extended arm;
  • fixation at the lifting point and return to the original position.
Difficult exercises to tighten the upper press

Well contributes to the stretching of the muscles of all parts of the press training, performed on the abdomen face to the floor. The task is to simultaneously raise the legs and arms (straight), and then lower them to their original position.

From this position (horizontal on the stomach), you can proceed to the next lesson — “scissors”, accompanied by synchronous movements of the legs and arms.

Exercises to strengthen the lower press

It is possible to obtain the desired relief in the lower abdomen by creating a significant load on this part of the body.

This task is perfectly handled by «Bicycle». The back is on the floor, the head is on the arms, the bent legs are raised and they start moving around the circumference, imitating cycling.

Exercises to strengthen the lower press

Squatting is an exercise that has been familiar to everyone since childhood. Without them, not a single training aimed at improving the shape of the buttocks, as they help to connect the muscles of different groups to the work.

Effective is gymnastics, which consists in lifting straight legs. The whole secret is that the limbs can not be completely lowered to the floor, thereby giving the body a rest. The hands are behind the head, the back is pressed to the floor, and two legs simultaneously rise and fall to a height of 50-20 cm from the floor.

Synchronous load on all parts of the press provides exercise «Book». Lying, pressing the waist tightly to the floor, you should simultaneously extend the stretched legs and arms towards each other in such a way as to reach your knees with your forehead.

exercise book

Movement is done without jerking, breathing correctly (before breathing out, make exhalation, and before lowering on the floor — inhale).

Active movement «Scissors» on the back. Hands laid on the back of the head or pull along the body. Straight legs at a height of 20 cm from the surface, make synchronous movements that mimic the scissors blade, winding, limbs behind each other.

Exercise Scissors

Exercises for oblique abdominal muscles

To tighten the abdomen at home quickly (exercises for the oblique muscles), perform bending, rotation, twisting.

Begin classes with rotation of the body in different directions.

Then, take a firm stand:

  • hands set on the belt;
  • legs spread wide shoulders;
  • enter the muscles of the press in a state of tension;
  • make turns corps cone-shaped pattern.

Movement should be confident, smooth and intense at the same time.

The side slopes of the body are made from the initial position of the previous training.

Exercises for oblique abdominal muscles

To perform twists, you must take a horizontal position:

  • lift legs, forming a 90 degree angle;
  • to rest your palms on the back of the head;
  • alternately twist the body in the opposite direction from the inclination of the bent legs (torso to the left, bent legs to the right, and vice versa).
  • abdominal muscles tense.

The muscles located on the sides of the abdomen are pumped productively during classes, with alternate convergence of the opposite lower and upper extremities (knee-elbow). The lumbar region is fixed on the floor.

Exercises for the press and thin waist

As a warm-up before the main workout for aspen waist perform «The Mill». For this, the legs are set wider than the shoulders, the body is tilted forward, and the arms are moved left and right 20-30 times.

Exercises for the press and thin waist

Actions must be confident, fairly smooth and intense. With each subsequent workout, the frequency of approaches and movements should be increased.

The best exercise on the press is a plank. The standard position of the plank — the emphasis on the toes and elbows of hands. Abdomen strongly retracted, fix for 30-60 s. and more then loosen.

The side plank provides high-quality training of the oblique abdominal muscles. It is necessary to rely on the extended arm, and to keep the body in a state of tone with strained muscles. Periodically, one hand replaces the other.

The side plank

To tighten the stomach at home quickly exercises will help with the hula hoop. It is a hoop weighted and equipped with massage balls and spikes.

When training with a hoop, you should take into account the fact that the smaller the distance between the feet, the greater the load will be on the muscles. Training should take place against the background of deep breathing and muscle tone of the abdomen.

hula hoop

Exercises for tightening the abdomen after childbirth

After giving birth, a woman needs quality burpi training. You need to take up the exercise from a standing position: they squat deeply, make a bar on both outstretched hands (wait 30-60s); jump back to the previous position (squat) and jump into the vertical starting position. The entire complex is required to perform confidently, smoothly and at a pace.

Jumps “Walk” — from the “start” position do confident jumps on two legs at the same time in different directions, back and forth, each time returning to the original position.

The simplest physical exercise for the muscles is the slow lifting of both straightened legs and their smooth lowering.

Contribute to the return to its former form after childbirth classes with additional equipment for 5 minutes.

Exercises with a chair or bench press

To practice on the bench and chair:
  • all the abdominal muscles are tense;
  • neck kept straight;
  • the chin is not pressed against the chest.
Exercises with a chair or bench press

When performing exercises on the bench in the home to quickly tighten the stomach, you should avoid:

  • jerky movements;
  • pulling hands on the neck;
  • lumbar detachment from the bench;
  • deflection of the back when the body is forward;
  • lie on your feet with full forward bend.

Lying on the bench, having thrown the feet behind the support, having bent a little in their knees, having removed their hands behind the head, begin to raise the torso cyclically. The meaning of the action is to reach a right angle between the legs and the raised torso.

At the peak of ascent, fixation occurs, then inhale and return to the starting position. Begin to exhale, inhale finish. Conducting training with a tilted bench, you do not need to return to the original position, leaving 10 cm distance between the body and the surface of the simulator.

Additionally, it is recommended to take turns along the sides. From this exercise go into the next — «bicycle». On the bench, grasping the edges of the simulator with their hands, twist their “pedals” with their raised legs.

Exercises for tightening the abdomen with dumbbells

Additional use of dumbbells is aimed at improving the tone of the whole body, where a significant group of muscles is involved.

Exercises for tightening the abdomen with dumbbells

Most of the press training can also be complicated with dumbbells. For beginners in training with dumbbells, it is recommended to dose the duration of training.

When lifting the upper torso, it is recommended to use dumbbells:

  • Hands with a weight fixed on the chest in a crossed form.
  • Feet instituted for emphasis.

Lying on your back, dumbbells are placed on the extended legs in the area of ​​the feet, and lift them to a height of 25-35 cm, wait for some time and lower the floor, without touching. Allowed to fix the hands for support (the edge of the sofa, beds, etc.).

Rolling over from the previous position on the stomach, they pinch sports equipment between their feet, and bend their legs back, trying to touch the buttocks. Even the usual torso tilts from a vertical position in different directions with dumbbells in their hands will strengthen the lumbar and lateral muscles of the press.

For trained people, it is recommended to perform the «Mill», armed with 2 dumbbells. From this position, you can perform active jumping up (burpi in place).

Exercises with a roller for the press

Effective simulator for physical exercise is a movie. Working with this gymnastic device, strengthen the muscles of the abdominal cavity, arms and back.

Exercises with a roller for the press

The trainers assure that effective exercises with a roller will quickly help to tighten the stomach at home only if the basic rules are observed: movements should be smooth, the technique of movements must be accurately executed, and there are no contraindications (injuries, pain).

For a job with a roller, you need to kneel, hold the roller in outstretched hands. The simulator should gradually roll away from itself on the floor as much as possible, and then return to the start position. The multiplicity of manipulations should gradually increase.

Body position — upright, legs spread wide, take the roller in hand. It is necessary to lean forward and lower the roller on the floor, and make them move left and right (without interrupting the feet from the floor). So perfectly worked oblique abdominal muscles. To train the upper press, it is recommended to make back and forth motion with a roller.

Sitting and spreading their straight legs, take a gymnastic roller in their hands. Smooth movements roll the roller from itself. Avoid touching the body frame to the floor surface. Slowly take the original position.

Video: how to pump up the press at home

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